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As conservators of works of art, Joel Oppenheimer, Inc. is committed to archival museum-quality framing. We will not frame a work of art any other way. Our niche in the framing industry is to offer our clients the best quality available without compromise. In addition to strictly adhearing to the use of archival materials and techniques, we provide superior attention to aesthetic qualities and details. Please direct interest towards All inqueries are recieved with pleasure.

• All materials are acid free.
• Our French mats are hand wrapped with imported 100% rag acid-free water color papers.
• Each mat is water-colored by hand to suit the individual artwork it frames.
• All adhesives are acid free.
• Ultra-violet filtering Plexiglas or glass is used exclusively.
• A proper air space is maintained between the art and the glass.
• Finally, the back is sealed with a layer of insulating material and a moisture barrier is applied.

The Wrigley Building, 410 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60611 (312)-642-5300
The Audubon Gallery, 190 King St. Charleston, SC 29401 (843)-853-1100

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